Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management

Business by online has been the shifting focus of organization in the recent years. The usage of website, portals and mobile apps has increased manifold. This has compelled the organization to ensure that these channels are made available to customers 24 X 7. Ensuring customer satisfaction is critical to success of business. Proactive performance alert / corrections is necessary for smooth functioning. APM solutions ensure that the business is proactive in preventing business loss and reputation loss due to non availability. In this process, it has also become most desirable for organization to understand customer behaviour and pattern to avoid system problems arising from their actions.

Why APM?

  • ◈ Proactive identification of potential issues and fixing them     even before customer realises.
  • ◈ Brand protection and prevention of revenue leakage.
  • ◈ Minimise the time to fix issues (learning curve) and reduce     negative impact on customer.
  • ◈ Control on issues like Is my website up? Are 3rd party     components still operating? Are transactions working etc?

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care

ApMoSys Key Differentiators

The first project undertaken by ApMoSys had been on Performance Synthetic Monitoring, the customer is still associated with ApMoSys ever since. In depth knowledge on the various APM tools, both internally developed ones as well as international APM products 24 X 7 NOC doing monitoring from ApMoSys data centre, for customers on their applicaiton's Predictive analysis and reporting with competitor benchmarking Add-on services like inhouse dashboard.

End-user Monitoring

Get customer experiences and quickly solve issues by automatically capturing errors,network requests, crashes , pageload details, and other metrics. Plus, EUM & RUM gives you clear understanding of how third party services and APIs are impacting performance and and potential business impact. Map the whole user journey, not just bits and pieces. Resolve problems proactively with real-time data.

Infra Monitoring

Infrastructure Visibility lets you drill into server to see and troubleshoot hardware, database and network issues before they affect customers-and do it within minutes.

Get insights into machine and infrastructure-level metrics like disk I/O, throughput, CPU utilization and memory usage with our Server Visibility Module.

Industries we cover

We have successfully implemented all components of APM solutions in leading private sector Banks and AMC. The implementation covers Application & DB monitoring solution Infra monitoring Network It also includes unified reporting on the findings and proactive escalation of potential issues.

Tool expertise

ApMoSys specialists are skilled in a wide range of advanced tool sets prevalent in the industry, including AppDynamics, DynaTrace, AppNoMics We are also Premium partners with leading APM products. We also have internally developed monitoring solutions for small scale monitoring projects.