Automation Testing

When Time to Market (Speed of implementation), Quality of development and volume in business transactions is the nature of the industry, then automation testing is the way to go when it comes to quality assurance of the developed code Test automation is not only beneficial but an essential part of the quality software implementation. However, very few organisation's have an integrated Test automation as a part of SDLC. Why? Because it is not easy to get right unless it is got done by the right partner

Why Automation Testing?

  • ◈ Parallel execution & Continuous delivery of software
  • ◈ Beneficial reduction in the SDLC time through optimized     automated STLC
  • ◈ Fewer manual interactions in translating Test descriptions to     Test execution --> Fewer test errors
  • ◈ Resource savings of upto 35%

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care

ApMoSys Key Differentiators

ApMoSys Test Automation solution comprises of pre-built test automation scripts, utilities, process assets and frameworks, which has helped many organizations across various domains in implementing successful test automation initiatives.

in-house built test automation framework with pre-built interfaces to application life cycle management tools and defect management tools that fully support the majority of test automation tools adopted by various organizations. The in-built script-less framework has helped to improve the efficiency by as much as 100%

Industries we cover

Successfully automated processes for Regression Testing , System processes Automation , Business Process Automation for public sector and leading private sector Banks and financial services company

Tool expertise

Test automation specialists are skilled in a wide range of advanced tool sets prevalent in the industry, including: Selenium & Ansible