Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Is your Hardware configuration under control? What is the application response time? Whether it is under control? How cost effective is my performance? Performance testing provides answers to these questions and solutions to address these queries and situations. Performance testing simulates a real user load on an application or system to determine how an application will behave under the circumstances.

Why Performance Testing?

  • ◈ Mitigate risks associated with slow system performance,     system failure under load and systems error due to user     volume.
  • ◈ To avoid costs associated with lost business and damaged     brand reputation.
  • ◈ Risk Assessment & planning.
  • ◈ Performance Monitoring & reporting.

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care

ApMoSys Key Differentiators

ApMoSys Performance Engineering & Testing teams have extensive experience in providing cutting edge services to clients.

Industries we cover

Tremendous experience in various sectors which cover services like Load Testing , Stress testing, Endurance testing , Soak testing , Spike testing for public sector and leading private sector Banks and financial services company.

Tool expertise

Performance testing specialists are skilled in a wide range of advanced tool sets prevalent in the industry, including: Microfocus ,Jmeter ,Visual Studio.