ApMoSys Product

Test Management Tool(APTMT)

  • ApMoSys Test Management tool (APTMT) is a cutting edge web based comprehensive & modern Test Management tool designed to cater the end to end test case plan and executions both manual and automated. It's rich framework helps to manage and track the testing progress effortlessly & also collaborate with faster live data & its work flows.
  • ◈ Efficiently manage test cases, plans and runs.
  • ◈ Maintain all project documents in common repository.
  • ◈ Track projects effectively.
  • ◈ Get real-time insights into your testing project's progress.
  • ◈ Track productivity of your resources.
  • ◈ Customized Dashboards and Reports.
  • ◈ Integrates with any issue tracker & test automation tool.
  • ◈ User and role access management.


  • ApMoSys RUAMBOT is AI based real time user application monitoring BOT.
  • ◈ It extracts meaningful data from various sources and   presents a view which can help Business team, Development   team as well as Operations team.
  • ◈ It follows a generic framework which can be adapted in any   environment and can be customized as per the requirement.


  • Pheonix offer end users multi-channel support by allowing users to create tickets via email and a web-based portal. Pheonix automatically convert emails to tickets , manage and track all incidents easily with a defined process through the entire life cycle by configuring custom status.
  • ◈ Communicate better with end users with automated notifications that use custom email templates and showing notification in the Pheonix portal.
  • ◈ Keep end users informed at every step of the incident management process using automated notifications.
  • ◈ Improve resolution times by technicians self-assigning incidents as soon as they are logged into the Pheonix Agent portal.
  • ◈ Prevent SLA violations by enabling multi-level proactive response and resolution escalations.
  • ◈ Increase the end-user visibility of issue status and progress by providing information in the Pheonix user portal.