Security Testing

Security Testing

Today's Internet environment is very hostile, the magnitude of the risk associated with system vulnerabilities are substantial. Information is exploited or siphoned off and systems get damaged. A more critical issue is the loss of valuable information and the impact on the brand reputation of organization. With the business process getting more complex, and technology getting more modern, the attack on the system security is getting more sophisticated.

Why Security Testing?

  • ◈ Right information only to right and approved parties Data     integrity over its entire life cycle.
  • ◈ Accurate data at the needed time.
  • ◈ Ensure privacy and trustworthiness to the parties in the     systems.
  • ◈ Ensure auditability of transactions.
  • ◈ Effective governance of business information.

Relax.........! ApMoSys will take care

ApMoSys Key Differentiators

  • ◈ See through the eyes of a Hacker
  • ◈ Certified Ethical Hackers Expertise in Intrusive Tests (DoS,     Ddos, etc).
  • ◈ Domain specific / business logic tests rather than omnibus     test suite.
  • ◈ Manual verification as a counter check to eliminate false     positives.

Industries we cover

Vast experience in a variety and wide range of applications (type of architecture, web or client based, volume handling and complexity handling systems. Extensive experience in various domains like Banking, Trading, Manufacturing & Financial services.

Tool expertise

We boast expertise in almost all tools obtaining in Security testing domain, knowledgeable in modern-day technologies and platforms available. ApMoSys also takes pride in enhance the skills and abilities in adopting industries best practices